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Gates/Entrance Volunteer Team


Welcome to the Gates/Entrance Volunteer Team, the front line ambassadors of this year's exhilarating music festival! As the welcoming committee, our role is pivotal in setting the tone for attendees' experiences from the moment they arrive. With smiles as bright as the festival lights, we'll greet each guest with warmth and enthusiasm, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry process. From scanning tickets to providing information and assisting with security measures, we are the first point of contact, embodying the festival's spirit of inclusivity and excitement. Together, let's usher in a wave of energy and anticipation as we open the gates to an unforgettable musical journey for all who enter.



  • Welcome festival attendees with a friendly and positive attitude as they arrive at the entrance gates.

  • Verify tickets, wristbands, or other forms of entry validation according to festival guidelines and security protocols.

  • Provide clear and accurate directions to various festival areas, stages, amenities, and facilities.

  • Assist with crowd control and line management to ensure orderly and efficient entry and exit processes.

  • Answer questions and address inquiries from attendees regarding event schedules, performances, policies, and services.

  • Collaborate with security personnel and festival staff to monitor entrance areas and identify any security or safety concerns.

  • Provide assistance to guests with special needs or accessibility requirements to ensure they have a positive festival experience.

  • Communicate effectively with fellow volunteers and supervisors to coordinate shift schedules, breaks, and any necessary updates or instructions.

  • Represent Pine Festival with professionalism and enthusiasm, maintaining a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all attendees.



  • Must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Friendly, outgoing, and approachable demeanour with excellent customer service skills.

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and handle high volumes of attendees with patience and professionalism.

  • Strong communication skills with the ability to convey information clearly and effectively to diverse audiences.

  • Reliable and punctual, with a commitment to fulfilling assigned shifts and responsibilities.

  • Capacity to stand or walk for extended periods and work outdoors in various weather conditions.

  • Willingness to adhere to event policies, procedures, and safety regulations.

  • Previous experience in customer service, event management, or volunteer roles is preferred but not required.

  • Basic knowledge of the festival lineup, schedule, and layout is beneficial (training will be provided).

  • Ability to handle stressful situations calmly and problem-solve under pressure.

Benefits of volunteering at pine festival:

  • Access to the Festival: Volunteers typically receive complimentary access to the festival, allowing them to enjoy performances, activities, and amenities during their downtime.

  • Networking Opportunities: Volunteering provides a valuable opportunity to connect with fellow volunteers, festival staff, artists, vendors, and industry professionals, fostering meaningful relationships and networking within the music and events community.

  • Experience and Skill Development: Volunteers gain hands-on experience in various aspects of event management, such as customer service, hospitality, crowd management, and logistical coordination, enhancing their skills, knowledge, and resume.

  • Community Engagement: Volunteering allows individuals to give back to their community and contribute to the success of a cultural event that brings people together from diverse backgrounds and interests.

  • Personal Fulfillment: Contributing to the festival's success can be personally rewarding, providing a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and pride in being part of a team effort that creates memorable experiences for attendees.

  • Exposure to Music and Culture: Volunteers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different genres of music, art, and culture, expanding their horizons, discovering new artists, and experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of the festival.

  • Flexibility and Variety: Volunteering offers flexibility in terms of scheduling and roles, allowing individuals to choose shifts and responsibilities that align with their interests, availability, and skill sets.

  • Exclusive Perks and Benefits: Volunteer appreciation events, merchandise discounts, access to the festival all weekend (even if your not volunteering at that time, complementary food & drink and certificates of appreciation, recognizing your contributions.

  • Personal Growth: Volunteering can foster personal growth and development by challenging individuals to step out of their comfort zones, develop new skills, build confidence, and cultivate leadership abilities in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

  • Supporting the Arts: By volunteering, individuals directly support the arts and cultural community, contributing to the sustainability and growth of the festival and helping to showcase and celebrate diverse talents and creativity.

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