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The Ambersons - An ever changing musical kaleidoscope of color, energy and magnificent songwriting. Songs wrapped in rainbows with sweet honey melodies and vocal arrangements, such a joyous band”  - New Sound Generation


Midge Fairnington - Lead Vocals

Ben Ashton - Guitar/vocals

Andrew Fairnington - Bass/vocals

Ric McLoughlin - Drums

Phil Bond - Guitar/vocals

Rich Dowling - Keyboards



The Magnificence of The Ambersons began…

Hailing from the North West town of Warrington, The Ambersons stole their name from the 1942 movie ‘The Magnificent Ambersons’ directed by Orsen Welles whilst taking musical cues from the tightly wrapped harmonies of the late 1960s and the soaring orchestral arrangements of the 1970s. Bonding over a worn-out DVD of Martin Scorsese music documentary ‘The Last Waltz’ and bootleg recordings of ‘The Band’, their live performances have been lauded as joyous, hook-filled experiences and should not be missed.

2023 marked their most successful year to date, culminating in the rapturous, sold-out homecoming extravaganza, ‘Winter Songs,’ backed by a sixteen-piece orchestra. With their debut album slated for release this autumn, 2024 promises even more.

The Magnificence of the Ambersons has begun…

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