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Music Festival



Local Stage | Friday | TBA

Honeytalks are a punk rock threesome from Wrexham known for their energetic and captivating music. Following the global success of their Sophomore EP 'There’s Hope In Hopeless,' which received an overwhelming response across all streaming platforms, the band are set to play popular and prestigious venues across the UK this year.


Their distinct sound and memorable performances have garnered them recognition and support from influential platforms such as BBC Introducing, Kerrang Radio, Music Networking 101, The Pilton Stage at Glastonbury, and Punk World Radio FM in Canada.


Adam Walton - BBC Introducing Wales

“ This takes me right back to the 90's, what a band!”


Alex Baker - Kerrang! Radio

“These guys have huge hooks and an ethereal punk vibe that sounds contemporary, it sounds vital and it hooks you in massively”


Jaret Reddick - Bowling For Soup/Networking 101

“ Guys, that's a fantastic track! The caliber of the band; like Jesus Christ, we should go on tour. People would lose their God damn minds!"

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