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Music Festival



Local Stage | Saturday | TBA

Forged in the shadow of Sheffield’s bustling music scene, The Outcharms fly their own flag as Doncaster’s finest with their signature style of sparkling guitars and massive choruses that have shook venues up and down the country. Since forming in 2014, The ‘Charms have surpassed milestones which seemed unthinkable as four schoolkids in a then-town eclipsed by the towering heights of the rest of South Yorkshire’s musical pedigree.

The band have amassed over 1.5 million streams on Spotify as well as building a loyal fanbase who spread the word far and wide that The Outcharms are ‘that’ band who will fill the gap in your record collection and give you what you’ve been missing with their raucous live shows. The boys have sold out some of the country’s most historic venues such as The Leadmill and Night & Day Cafe to name a few and they don’t intend to look back anytime soon – armed with an attitude and swagger to take them to the very top.

Fresh from support slots with Reverend and The Makers, The Fratellis and fellow Donny lad Louis Tomlinson, the boys are honing their craft for turning heads and pricking up ears with their iridescent Smiths-like jangle, watertight rhythms and crooning vocals. Their shows have built a reputation to be as rowdy and chaotic as some of the best nights out you’ve ever had, bringing people together to sing their hearts out and have a dance to the sound of one of the UK’s best up and coming bands.

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